Reflection 1

To think in terms of coding is to think about something incredibly strange. Everything about coding is so unique and different than anything I have ever seen or learned before. The hardest and most challenging part is that I can’t see what I am writing immediately; there is a multi-step process involved before everything is uploaded. In any normal writing, everything is clearly visible during the process. Even when uploading my files to FileZilla I would occasionally place the file incorrectly and my heart would skip a beat.

Coding makes writing two dimensional. I know that writing for the web and writing for print are largely very similar but this thought stuck with me throughout the entire process thus far. When writing for print the words are on a page and are simply read from left to right line after line. When writing for the web, we have the ability to design our words in ways that can enhance our reader's experience and even attempting to evoke an emotional feeling or have the content read a certain way. This thought has challenged me to implement a certain feel into my work.

Another struggle that I encountered frequently was how one missed bracket would lead to mass hysteria and dysfunction on the page. In print writing, one missed punctuation mark would not cause the entire work to be completely ruined or lead to confusion. This leads into one relationship that I have seen between writing for print and writing for the web. That an unclear writing style for print is similar to an unclear design on the web. If the words on a page are not clear it is difficult to follow; much like if there is no logical flow on the web viewers are easily confused.

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Another relationship that might be obvious but overlooked is that they both take time. To become a great writer it takes practice and help along the way. Writing for print and for the web are two different ways of writing but with opposing strategies. With print, we can freely write and edit later whereas with the web it is more methodical. It takes time to become proficient in either.

Reflection 2

Attempting to discuss what I would have changed if I knew how to do is difficult. I know that personally if I was unable to do something I would make every effort to at least take an attempt at it. However, if I had more time I may have attempted to make a few changes. I would have liked to find a way to incorporate my dates into my resume. At the moment it may look incomplete without them but I know that I am not submitting this coded resume to any potential employers at the moment. In addition, the pdf attachment contains all of the dates. I did not want to make a third line underneath the job title and side by side did not fit properly.

One element that I initially struggled with was the float. Everything was incorrect and I could not master the side by side. I eventually managed to find a way to have everything float side by side in the most aesthetically pleasing manner, in my opinion. This is evidence of yet another view of my progression and maturation in the course. The images below might seem familiar. Here they demonstrate how I progressed through the flu.

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Based on where I began the year I am far more comfortable with my coding ability. My comfort level is higher in terms of actual coding than design. Every day my coding with HTML skills become finer tuned. In the beginning, I had no idea what even HTML was as I have written extensively about in my Story of Learning and Design Journal. When it comes to design my comfort level is significantly less because I have no idea what to do. I am creative but not a designer so I struggle with coming up with ideas of how to portray my resume. In every design class that I have had to take I present my creations in a straightforward manner much like my resume. I know that I am not the best designer but the strides that I have taken are more than enough evidence of how far I have progressed. As I move onto the next project, I will continuously work on pushing my creative envelope, but I believe that my progress thus far is clearly visible in this project.